A Glimpse of Gore

Next stop was a little town called Gore (which is south west of Dunedin). For some reason Gore has a bad reputation for being boring and a bit rugged РI actually found it to be quite a quaint town with lovely historic buildings, beautiful deer parks and gardens, a dancing Kea in the town aviary, great little cafes and the smell of cooked oats :) Рfrom the Thistle factory. Gore historically was a valuable trade route and food gathering site back in the early 19th century and sits on the banks of the Mataura River, it has a history of illicit whiskey making and even has a Moonshine museum dedicated to the stories behind this practice.

We travelled a few times north of Gore to a township called Mandeville for lunch at a lovely restaurant called The Moth – which sits on the edge of an air field and has a museum and restoration workshop dedicated to tiger moth planes and old steam trains.

This seems as good a time as any to mention one of my favourite illustrators ‘Edward Gorey‘.. just because :)

Mountains & Mountains

Journey through the Lewis Pass with a fresh dump of snow. Lots of drive-by-shooting (with a camera) as it was freezing outside the car!! I love mountains, they are amazing especially with all the different light that passes over them.

Still much more to come.. very behind on the blogging as we are still travelling here and there.

In the mean time… I love these illustrated stories all made with silhouette!

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