‘The Ship, The Yeti and All That Came After’

I have my first solo illustration show coming up next week called ‘The Ship, The Yeti and All That Came After’!

There will be an official opening next Friday 6th May 5.30pm – 7pm so please do stop by and bring your friends for nibbles and drinks. The show runs from the 6th of May to the 2nd June 2011. Kindly hosted by The Framing Workshop – 120 Silverdale Road, Hamilton, Opening hours Mon-Fri 8.30am -5.30pm, Saturdays 9am – 1pm.

This is a piece from my artist statement…

The Isles

'The Isle Of Curiosity' 2011

'Mountain Isle' 2011

'The Isle Of Slumber' 2011

These works are part of an ongoing series based on the idea of sand saucers which I used to make as a child. A few MORE here! I’ve had these little creatures wandering around my sketchbook for some time now and these island saucers seemed good places for them to explore. I hope to eventually make them into story illustrations.

See one of my favourite characters from the series HERE!  Im trying to think of a good name for him…. Any ideas?

Latest finds on the web…

Amazing creations - Books transformed into art

Lovely bright illustration by Andrew Holder

Paper Cutting

I have a confession to make… I have a book collecting habit – so much so that my library shelf in my studio is bulging at the seams with books in every available space. Ive told my husband I think I will need another shelf very soon :)

My latest purchase was this beautiful book about Paper Cutting – I just simply couldn’t resist!  The gorgeous cover is by Elsa Mora whos work I adore!

There are too many artists to mention but some of my favourites are  Rob RyanSu Blackwell and Peter Callesen.  Its the kind of book you could poor over for hours. I highly recommend!

Rustic Beauty

I had the privilege of photographing the beautiful home of the Jeffery family in the April issue of  Your Home & Garden Magazine. Everywhere I looked there were beautiful things to photograph – especially a lovely black labrador, Benson who became my assistant for the day! :)

I’ve spent the past week trying to sort out life after our long stays in Hong Kong. Think Im almost up to speed. Among other things I am currently working on pieces for my first little solo illustration show coming up in May… eek! – hope to have some process to show you soon…

Check out these beautiful embroidery book covers by illustrator Jillian Tamaki – just stunning!

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