Talking Tech

I recently completed the biggest illustrated mural I have attempted to date! Phew! The brief was to tell the story of how Talking Tech (a global telecommunications company based here in New Zealand) began, how it developed over the years to a global company and its focus on creating a foundation which provides support to a variety of people and projects around the world. The whole mural wraps around the 3 walls of a stair well in their new offices and ends on the 4th wall in the Milk & Honey Cafe.  The whole design incorporates elements of the actual technology they use and some of the design elements in the branding of the new offices. The illustrations I create are normally magazine size and are full of texture, so working this large in vector was a real learning curve for me! Thanks to Talking Tech for giving me such an awesome opportunity!

Now Im working on more of these illustrations in book form which is very exciting!

Here are a few more details from the mural…


My Lunch and Other Animals

I have more illustrations in this months beautiful issue of  Good Magazine  (No.23). The article titled ‘My Lunch and Other Animals’ by Andy Kenworthy is about him deciding whether to include meat in his diet after years of going without. Its a very entertaining and informative read and was so much fun to illustrate! Thanks Sally and Sarah and the Good Team for the opportunity! You can get your copy here


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