Flow Weekly – Part One

Flow Weekly Poster

Flow Weekly Pull Out Poster – Part One

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to illustrate a giant poster for the Dutch Edition of  Flow Magazine Weekly. The first edition is now on sale and for the next 9 weeks a part of the poster will be revealed each week so you can collect them all and assemble the story as you go! Genieten!

Note: I believe Flow Weekly is only available for the lucky folks in the Netherlands and Belgium at present. http://www.flowmagazine.nl


Secretive Creatures – The Nod Beagle

Over the years I have counted myself very fortunate to have many creative and talented friends to inspire and influence me. One of this talented bunch is my good friend Chris Lam Sam. A creative wizard with words and music, he is a source of  inspiration and jolliness which I truly admire!

Since 2011 we have been meeting together developing ideas, swapping our libraries of children’s books and dreaming up projects. While many of these are still a work in progress, today we begin to share some of our collective efforts with the world!

Here is a poem from our ‘Secretive Creatures’ collection, inspired by our love for Edward Lear. The process can sometimes start with Chris’s words which inspire my drawings, other times Chris might spot a character in my sketchbooks and write something about them and that is how this particular poem developed. We proudly present – The Nod Beagle.



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