Idealog – Issue 52


‘Loving your Alumni’ – Idealog magazine Issue 52

I created seven new illustrations for Idealog Magazine (issue 52) this month.  I love having the opportunity to work on various editorial topics and I like to push myself to try new ideas. This time I challenged myself to loosen up and break out the paint brushes!

'Inequality of Wealth' - Idealog magazine Issue 52

‘Inequality of Wealth’ – Idealog magazine Issue 52


‘I think my Boss is Mad…’ – Idealog magazine Issue 52


Flow Magazine – Holiday Book 2014

I was commissioned by the beautiful Flow Magazine to illustrate an article in their Dutch Holiday Book (Flow Vakantieboek 2014) about being mindful on your holiday. I had great fun working on these illustrations – despite the raining New Zealand winter weather outside, and could almost feel the warm sun and imagine myself relaxing in fields of flowers! Flow Magazine is gorgeous – perfect for stationary lovers such as myself and full of great articles and inspiration. They also have an international issue too!

Thanks Flow!



AK_FlowMag_Holiday_Spd2 AK_FlowMag_Holiday_Spd3 AK_FlowMag_Holiday_Spd4 AK_FlowMag_Holiday_Spd5

The Month of May

EOS Calender Month of May 2014, Theme of Security

EOS Desk Calendar, May 2014, Theme of Security

Last year I had the privilege of contributing to the EOS Group corporate calendar. The theme was ‘Security’ and my illustration features for the month of May!

Many thanks to the The Ad Store who managed the project and sent me my own beautifully printed and packaged copy!

EOS Calender Month of May 2014 - Theme of Security

EOS Wall Calendar, May 2014 – Theme of Security

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